Black caviar
Exclusive Black Russian Сaviar

Slaughter caviar – the caviar is harvested after a female fish and its eggs enclosed in the ovarian membrane reach the natural maturity. The caviar harvested by slaughter method is considered to be more natural and purer than milking caviar.

Non-pasteurized caviar – the caviar is not subjected to the heat processing to preserve its natural taste, delicate shell and useful properties: vitamins А, В, D, E, iodine and magnesium.

Red caviar
Wild Salmon Caviar from Kamchatka

Red caviar is harvested from salmonid fishes caught in the in the environmentally clean areas on the East Coast of Kamchatka.

An important distinguishing feature is wild fish is that it grows under the natural conditions and feeds on the smaller deep-sea creatures, so its products are reach with Omega-3 and Omega-6, have superior taste and nutritional value.