Black and Red Caviar

Beluga Caviar Bar guests may indulge themselves in a unique experience – enjoy the best quality caviar harvested by slaughtering method only and explore the shades of its flavor, as well as to find out how sturgeon caviar is different from beluga caviar, and how to tell keta salmon caviar from red salmon or coho salmon product.

The chef has focused om combinations of caviar with various gourmet meals, the taste of which is distinguished by its delicate Oriental flavor.

Our menu, service and interior follow the experience of the best Moscow, London and Singapore bars.

Under the careful guidance of chef Anton Belov, the top-tier inhabitants of northern seas turn into the gastronomical masterpiece: blue-finned tuna on avocado bed, red king crab with savory Rouille sauce, salmon from the remote Faroe Islands under caramelized unagi sauce.

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Ultimate Top-Tier Caviar

The sturgeon species fish is reared in the environmentally clean waters of Russian rivers. All caviar is harvested only by slaughtering me method, which helps to preserve all its beneficial properties and delicate taste.

Red caviar is produced from wild trout, red salmon and coho salmon caught in the East of Kamchatka. The caviar is not subjected to the heat processing to preserve its natural taste, delicate shell and useful properties.

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